6in1 Lanyard USB cable COLORADO with data transfer

Code: BC230-99

Available color versions

The COLORADO USB Cable offers fast charging with a power of 60W and fast data transfer. The option of custom printing on the entire surface allows for personalization according to individual customer preferences. Additionally, equipped with a lanyard function for ID cards, this practical USB cable ensures convenience in everyday use. It can be used at trade shows, conferences, or events.

Product information

Color: (99) Custom
Product size: 90cm
Material: ABS, Polyester
Charging voltage: 3A
Connectors: 6w1 (TypeC + USB do typeC + microUSB & lightning)
Functions: Charging + data transfer
Package: String bag
Pc. in box: small 1
Country of origin: China
Duty number: 8544 4290

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